Thursday, September 26, 2013

Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview 11.0.9600.16384

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Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview is fast and fluid , and lets your websites shine and perform just like native applications on your PC. With the recent release of Windows 8.1 Preview, Internet Explorer 11 is part of our vision to provide the best web experience across the full range of devices and Windows Explorer screen sizes.Internet 11on Windows 7 offers even better performance , faster loading time, new standards support sites new generation , fully revised and F12 developer tools. Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 Preview provides the best browsing experience to get to your sites quickly and use applications with Windows Store in Windows 8.1. Browse feels fast, fluid and perfect contact with several tabs, the richest suggestions, bookmarks and experiences organized side-by- side comparison sites and use sites with Windows Store applications together.
Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview 11.0.9600.16384
11 In Internet Explorer , developers can create experiences for the next generation Web with professional quality video and web 2D and 3D technologies that are hyper -fast the most of the underlying hardware . IE11 support real-world standards and compatibility, and new development tools enable developers to create Web experiences for high performance. < / Div >
WithIE11 for Windows 7 , customers get all of the performance , security , and under the hood changes that allow compatible Web experience. The Developer Preview makes it easier to create exciting web content that will eventually be available to more than 700 million Windows users. For developers, we also provide a modern update . IE , including a new Web browser screen cross- service and new virtual machine images site. < / Div >
Internet Explorer 11 Features: < / strong >
Fast: . Internet Explorer 11 uses the untapped power of your PC , with full pages of vivid graphics , smoother video and interactive content
Easy: . Discover the web the way you want with pinned sites , built-in Spell Check , and seamless integration with your PC running Windows 7
Safer : Improving features such as SmartScreen Filter and protection monitoring allow you to be more aware of the threats to your PC and private
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important performance for everyone who surfs the Web. Has been optimized engine IE11 navigation for real world sites to download and display quickly and be very responsive and interactive. < / Div >
Internet Explorer 11 introduces new features to improve real-world performance of the website. IE11 is the first browser to natively decode JPG images in real time on the GPU , so the pages load faster and use less memory, thereby reducing energy consumption and improved battery life . IE11 is the first browser to make the text on the GPU. Text and images are the heart of the Web, and the acceleration and performance JPG impacts almost every page you see text. < / Div >
Loading faster Web pages is to be smarter to retrieve the content of the site. IE11 is the first browser to implement the priorities of the W3C standard for resource developers to specify the parts of the page are important and must be loaded first . IE11 also supports HTML5 prefetching and pre-rendered , so that developers can help the browser anticipate where you will go next and get those pages ready . Windows 8.1, IE11 also supports network protocol SPDY , the precursor of the HTTP 2.0 specification , allowing some sites to be downloaded faster. < / Div >
the JavaScript performance
Internet Explorer 11 advance towards the performance of our Chakra JavaScript engine, while ensuring compatibility, interoperability and security. The JIT compiler now supports more optimizations including setting cache properties and polymorphic inline function calls , so that the same code is JIT- ed and less time in JavaScript calculation. Garbage collection is now using the background thread efficiently , greatly reducing the frequency and amount of time the UI thread is blocked to garbage collection. < / Div >
graphics hardware acceleration Web 3D
Internet Explorer 11 includes support for WebGL , an emerging technology that allows Web Web developers to create new types of 2D and 3D experiences advanced graphical programming unit of computer processing unit (GPU) . Once limited to allow cool web experiences, WebGL is an essential part of the toolbox of Web developers , sites in the real world are now using WebGL to create interactive viewing experiences in shopping, real estate, and social networks . < / Div >
professional quality video experiences on the Web < / strong >
Internet Explorer 11 provides high quality , power efficient HTML5 video without plugins. IE11 supports the latest standards of subtitling ( TTML and SDP ) for all your video content can be as good as the professionals . Internet Explorer 11 supports the Full Screen API and HTML , making it simple to fill the screen during video playback . With WebCrypto support IE11 , websites can directly control how critical data is encrypted and exchanged. IE can now download video data without caching on the disk , resulting in extended battery when watching your favorite videos life. < / Div >
new F12 Developer Tools experience makes sites construction easier
Internet Explorer 11 includes a completely redesigned and improved browser F12 developer tools suite. These tools allow developers diagnose and optimize their Web applications quickly and efficiently. Having fast and reliable Web applications is more critical than ever. < / Div >
The new F12 supports the rapid and iterative workflow used by modern web developers. F12 help developers take the problem to the solution quickly with actionable data , enabling fast web experience and fluid < em style = " background-color : transparent; border: . 0px; margin: 0px ; outline : 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align : top "> The F12 tools include: < / em >
responsiveness and user profiling tools of memory that helps developers diagnose and resolve performance issues
Living Explorer DOM interface and tools inspection CSS update with the page so that developers can iteratively explore how IE is the development and make web
Debugging JavaScript applications that starts quickly without refreshing the page so that developers can get to work quickly
OS supported: < / strong> Windows 7 Service Pack 1 , Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Size: 1.24 Mo

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